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Fab facts about pumpkins

Fab facts about pumpkins

Pumpkins go hand in hand with this time of year and while they originated in America, they are now just as popular in the UK too.


They’re usually harvested now and as well as making great decorations for our windowsills on October 31, they are also a nutritious and versatile ingredient. They can be used for making soups, desserts, pies and even breads.

Check out BBC Good Food for some pumpkin inspired recipes and read on for some fab facts about these brightly coloured fruits.

  • Pumpkin carving was taken to the US by the Irish, who started carving turnips for their annual Samhain holiday.
  • There are more than 50 different types of pumpkin. Some varieties include Blue Hungarian, Cinderella, Zombie and Munchkin, to name a few.
  • They don’t just come in shades of orange, there’s also blue, green and white ones.
  • In 1999, Gerry Checkon of Altoona in Pennsylvania, US grew a record-breaking pumpkin at 1,131lb (513kg).
  • A pumpkin is really a squash and is a part of the same family as the cucumber.
  • They have medicinal purposes too. The seeds can be used for de-worming and the pulp is often used to relieve burns.