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For the love of seafood

We just love seafood and it’s a popular item on our menu. We always try to have something on with crab, as we have a great supplier, Favis of Salcombe. On the menu now, we’ve Brixham crab, heritage tomatoes, spelt toast. It’s such a light, fresh dish and you can really taste the crab.

Crab Devon Seafood
Photo by Guy Harrop.

To add to this, we also have lobster, when the price is right, and will do something like tian of Brixham lobster with an avocado, mango, lime and chilli salsa. A dish with a bit of heat with the sourness of the lime and sweetness of the mango. Just a perfect combination.

There are many challenges with fish like sustainability, price variations due to weather etc. If you take something like a dab, we haven’t seen a dab on a price list for years. That’s since the really bad storms the south west experienced. We’re so lucky with mussels round here, we have some of best in the country. They taste amazing.

We tend to stick to tried and tested methods of cooking fish here. We use flavours we understand and think our customers do as well. Call it playing it safe, if you like. We love the idea of cured fish and use it a lot especially with gin. Well, gin is the drink of the decade is it not?

Anyone who would like to learn more and understand how to treat and respect fish could do no worse than reading one of Nathan Outlaw’s cookbooks. British seafood is Nathan’s passion.

He currently holds two Michelin stars at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, which is situated at the top of Port Isaac and serves a set seafood menu. He also has one Michelin star at his Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen also in Port Isaac. We just love eating his dishes.