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In season – tomatoes

TomatoesWhile you will find tomatoes in the local supermarket all year round, they’re really at their best between June to October. If you’re growing your own, you’ll find they’ll be ripening around now and there’s nothing better than a juicy, home-grown tomato.

Choosing the best tomatoes

When choosing, go for firm ones with wrinkle-free skin and those with a noticeable tomato smell. Tomatoes will stay juicier if they remain on the vine.

If you have tomatoes that are slightly under ripe, you can redden them in a brown paper bag at room temperature or pop them on a windowsill.

Preparing tomatoes

Always wash your tomatoes and they can then be used as they are, halved, quartered, sliced or diced, whatever you fancy! If you want to remove the skins, cut the green stalk and core out of the top and cut a shallow cross on its base. Pop them in a bowl and cover with boiling water.

The skin will begin to peel away. Leave for 30 seconds, then drain and remove any remaining skin.

Dish ideas

You can enjoy tomatoes in many ways. How about roasting them while still on the vine and popping them on top of avocado on toast? They can also be grilled or sliced and fried alongside sausages, eggs and bacons for a tasty fry up – one of our favourites and on our breakfast menu if you stay with us here at the pub.

You can even blitz them up and turn them into a delicious soup, sauce or salsa.