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Join us for a Gin-uary celebration!

After all the excitement of the festivities have ended and the decorations have come down, you may be feeling a little bit deflated.

January can be a very dull month punctuated with awful weather and the longing for spring to begin.

The good news this year is that we’re carrying on with the celebrations, as we’re marking Gin-uary, which is an annual international month-long event that puts gin centre stage.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore, experiment and enjoy all that a refreshing glass and mixer has to offer.

Gin is distilled from grain alcohol, juniper and other botanicals. Juniper is the main ingredient giving it its distinctive taste and allowing it to be called a gin.

The word ‘gin’ itself is believed to come from the Dutch ‘jenever’. There are dry gins, sweet gins and aged gins and they all contain juniper.

But gin hasn’t always been as trendy as it is now.

In the 18th century, it was linked to those who were disenfranchised because it was cheap and readily available.

Known as ‘mother’s ruin’, as gin joints allowed women to drink alongside men, it was thought to have led women to neglect their children.

For many it kept them warm, staved off hunger and ensured escapism from slum living.

But the upper and growing middle classes felt it was the cause of rising crime, madness and higher death rates.

In 1751, the Gin Act prohibited distillers from selling to unlicensed merchants and caused costs to rise, making gin unattainable to the masses. Tea was encouraged as a non-alcoholic beverage instead.

These days things have altered dramatically. Gin has become the nation’s favourite spirit, overtaking whisky.

So, if it’s your tipple of choice or you’d like to get into it, join us this month for Gin-uary.

We stock several types and flavours including strawberry and black pepper and pink gins and our Devon favourites are Northmoor and Wicked Wolf gin. Please remember to be drink aware.

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