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Keeping a tidy kitchen

KitchenIf there’s one thing we know about, it’s kitchens and as ours is always super busy, so it’s important it’s kept well tidied and organised to make life easier for our chefs.

We’re sharing our top tips on de-cluttering and organising your kitchen at home so you can use it as efficiently as we do here.

Kitchen stock take

Something we do often is a kitchen stock take, where we look at all the utensils, cookware and bakeware we have and check its condition to see if it might need replacing. We tighten any wobbly lids and handles and ditch anything that needs replacing.

Keep important items within reach

It’s important to our chefs that they are able to reach items such as saucepans, bakeware, bowls, spoons with ease – they don’t want to leave food burning in the pan while they go off to find utensils, so we ensure items like this are within easy reach, whether that is in a cupboard to the side of them or shelving above. You can do this at home too, saucepans, colanders and bowls can be stored together in cupboards or drawers near to the oven or sink area as needed.

Storage, storage, storage

As a working kitchen, storage jars and containers are a godsend to us. They help keep any loose food items fresh and neat as anything spilt on the floor could become a safety issue. At home you can use storage jars for all sorts of items, including spaghetti, pasta, garlic, herbs and rice.