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Our favourite herbs



Coriander is the king of herbs and the whole plant is edible. The seeds of the plant are aromatic, while the leaves have an earthy pungency to them. Coriander seeds are regularly used in Garam Masala and in curries. At home, you can use ground seeds in chutneys, ratatouille and in desserts such as apple pies, cakes and biscuits.

The leaves are great used in curries, stress? and salads as a garnish.


Another wonderfully aromatic herb, Rosemary is also one of the most useful and works well with meat, especially lamb. You can’t beat a lovely roast lamb with a hint of Rosemary. It also works wonders on baked fish, in casseroles and tomato sauces.


Thyme is another great herb for using with meat, especially a roast chicken – use a sprig or two with an onion for stuffing.


We love parsley as a garnish to really finish off a dish, but it also helps to enhance the flavour of other ingredients. Pop it in just before the end of cooking.