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Three things you might not know about Paul

PaulHere are three things you might not know about Paul:

Favourite Sunday 

You can’t beat a tasty roast on a Sunday, good roast potatoes, and well-timed vegetables, flavoursome gravy using meat juices and last, but not least, a great Yorkshire pudding.

What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family or friends. Add a bottle or two of a half decent Malbec and life is sorted.

Guiltiest pleasure

As for a guilty pleasure, it’s getting less nowadays because the kids are old enough to go shopping on their own to buy their own trainers and clothes. But when we’re out on boys’ trips, it has to be KFC. I don’t want to know the nuts and bolts of it I just want to enjoy it once or twice a year.

Spring treats

The spring is a wonderful time of year with lots of fresh and interesting ingredients about. At the moment look out for wild garlic and wild leeks. There’s also some wonderful black garlic available from Dorset and English asparagus is coming into season too. Don’t forget that rhubarb is at its best as well now.

Sprouts are still around, plus hispi cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli, halibut and mussels. Are all good at this time of year and I love them all!